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5th Sep 2018
12th Sep 2018

"Nobody ever told me how to be a leader. I am confident in my technical abilities, but I feel I am not getting the most out of my team. And why is it that although I have a vision, I never seem to have enough time to devote to making sure we are all working to make it happen? I get the feeling my business is coasting along, not getting any nearer to our goals."

Kevin, Owner of a food production business

If you're like Kevin, you know that by being a better leader you will have your whole team working with you to achieve your goals. You’ll see improvements in employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. You just need to pick up the skills in a way that works for you. We think we have the solution; our prestigious Business Leadership Programme.

What will it do for me?

The ManagementWorks Business Leadership programme gives you the skills to:

  1. Build an action plan for your business
  2. Understand your leadership style and use it to get the best from your team
  3. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) and manage your team’s performance
  4. Prepare for change with the minimum of disruption
  5. Manage challenges in the future through planning

What is it?

Business Leadership is a heavily subsidised, high-impact programme offering six months of training alongside like-minded SME owners plus one-to-one support from results-driven business coaches. It is available nationwide.

The programme will be delivered by leading business coaching and training provider Business Coaching Ireland.
Look forward to:
  • Company diagnostic – a 3-hour one-to-one session with your coach
  • Six highly practical half-day workshops with other business owners and managers
  • 15 hours of follow-on coaching focused on delivering results for your business
  • Time out of your business to think about your business

Who is it for?

The Business Leadership programme has been devised for SMEs. It is ideal for business owners and managers who have a team available to implement strategy, introduce systems and take on delegated tasks and responsibilities. Specifically, it’s for:

  • Owner managers 
  • Managing directors
  • Senior management team members

How much does it cost?

This heavily subsidised high-impact programme costs just €333 per month for six months. Places are limited to the first 12 applicants.

Think you should invest in your leadership skills?

Speak to Programme Development Manager, Brian Colleran at: or 087 292 8900

Programme Start Dates

3rd Oct 2018
10th Oct 2018

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