Strategic Business Planning

"We need to be more strategic in how we grow our business. We know we need a strategic plan but more than that, we need to make sure that once we have it in place, we have the skills in place to execute it successfully."

David and Lynn, co-owners of a digital marketing business

Perhaps like David and Lynn, you also need help in building a strategic growth plan. The Strategic Business Planning programme will help you to build a growth plan for your business while acquiring the tools, skills and methodologies for effective strategic planning and execution well into the future.

What will it do for me?

Whether you undertake this programme on your own or with a small team of fellow managers from your business, you will develop a clear, practical, relevant and detailed Strategic Growth Plan. You will work on the plan throughout the programme with support from your business mentor. The mentoring places a strong emphasis on ‘the implementation programme’ or “the plan for the plan”. 

As you progress throught the programme, you can expect to:
  1. Clarify personal objectives and agree a programme of work with your mentor to develop a Strategic Growth Plan.
  2. Allocate roles and responsibilities and timescales for delivery of your plan
  3. Complete analysis of your business and market using a structured analysis model
  4. Agree business growth objectives which should be SMART
  5. Review your strategic growth options, assess their implications and agree your preferred strategy
  6. Develop your detailed growth strategy with action plan
  7. Assess financial implications, prepare financial projections and identify support required
  8. Agree an action plan for delivery of your Strategic Growth Plan

What is it?

Strategic Business Planning is a heavily subsidised, high-impact programme offering six months of training alongside like-minded SME owners and managers. plus one-to-one support from results-driven business mentors. It is available nationwide.

The programme will be delivered by expert business mentors and training providers from Optimum Results.
Look forward to:
  • Seven highly practical full-day workshops with other business owners and managers
  • Nine hours of expert mentoring focused on delivering results for your business
  • Developing and implementing a clear Strategic Growth Plan
  • Time out of your business to think about your business

Who is it for?

The Strategic Business Planning programme has been devised for SMEs. It’s for people who want to grow their business, specifically:

  • Owner Managers 
  • Managing directors
  • Senior management team members
This programme is open to individual managers and to management teams. There is no minimum number of participants per company.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this highly subsidised programme is €333 per person per month for six months. This includes all training, mentoring, course materials, lunches and refreshments. You can pay it in full in advance or you can spread the cost out by setting up a direct debate mandate for €333 per month for six months

Is it time to grow your business?

Speak to Programme Development Manager, Brian Colleran at: or +353 87 292 8900