Execution – What is Stopping You?


We have all heard the phrase "Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail". That is why planning, and having a live business planning document is the key to sustained growth in any business. But what stops us from executing our business plan and achieving our goals?

After working with dozens of businesses, there seems to be a few very consistent trends...

1) Business owners like ‘doing’ the work themselves!

They started their business because they like the trade they chose whatever it may be. The trap for business owners is that they will subconsciously find ways to get back to ‘doing’ the work rather than ‘managing’ the work?

2) Fighting fires is exciting!

A smooth running business can be perceived as boring and typically business owners like excitement - it's almost like they are adrenalin junkies subconsciously looking for ways to keep their life exciting so that they have to ‘put out the fires’.

3) Employees are challenging!

Sometimes business owners may want to delegate some of the functions of the business. It is important that you have a sufficiently skilled, trained and motivated team. Make sure you have the right team in place in your business!

So, what's the solution? We contend that it is commitment and discipline!

1) Commitment and discipline to actually build the plan, implement it, and adjust the plan as and when required.

2) Commitment and discipline to hold yourself and your team accountable for results NOT activity!

3) Commitment and discipline to stay focused on the end goal and the result that it will produce.


Paul Fagan is Managing Director of Business Coaching Ireland, which is part of the largest business coaching, mentoring and training franchise company in the world, ActionCOACH Business Coaching. Business Coaching Ireland are providers of the ManagementWorks Business Growth Programme and Business Leadership Programme.