Bluebird Care Galway

Bluebird Care Galway was established in 2008. Part of a successful international franchise, Bluebird Care provides support to people of all ages in their home and in their community. Bluebird Care is an HSE approved provider for enhanced homecare packages and prides itself on the ability to deliver the highest standards of care and support services in the community for people of all ages and with very diverse needs. The owner, Sean Lyons, was involved in a number of businesses, including telecoms and auctioneering, prior to establishing Bluebird Care. The decision to engage with the Bluebird Care model was taken after careful analysis of a number of business opportunities. The Galway franchise is one of 18 operating in Ireland at present. The Galway business now employs almost 100 employees with 95 people working with clients “in the field”.

Why participate in the programme

Both Sean Lyons and Carolyn Corless (Care Manager) took part in the programme as it provided them with an opportunity to further develop the management capability of the organisation. Bluebird Care is very structured in its approach to business and is constantly reviewing how it might operate more effectively. The programme also provided an opportunity for Carolyn to further develop her management skills and to engage with other business owners.

Experience of the programme to date

Sean found the programme to be beneficial and enjoyable. Each session was well managed and included high quality delivery. The support of the mentor was critical to implementing the concepts internally as it allowed the specific nature of the Bluebird Care business to be included. The approach within the workshops was very practical with a heavy emphasis on how the learning might be applied in the reality of each business. Specific tools like personality profiling were very useful to developing a greater understanding within the team.

Impact on their business

The programme has delivered a number of positive impacts for the business. The management team engaged in a process which introduced a performance management system which is now being implemented. A specific staffing issue which had been absorbing significant management time and energy was resolved. The business is operating in a sector which is currently unregulated but is working on a number of projects to develop its systems in the expectation that regulation will be introduced.  Processes to manage the rosters of a large number of staff and providing evidence to third parties in relation to the delivery of care and the continuity of care are key issues. The programme has allowed the participants more time to consider and plan these initiatives.

Message for other business owners

Sean recommends the programme and found the delivery to be very professional. Having personal experience of working with a business coach previously, he found the support of the mentor to be very beneficial to implementing progress.

ManagementWorks Programme


Sean Lyons and Carolyn Corless