Cases Wine Warehouse

Cases Wine Warehouse was established in 2007 to offer a wide range of quality wines to both retail and wholesale clients.  The business relies on its friendly and knowledgeable staff and the convenience of the shopping experience to secure and retain its client base. The business is growing and now employs 5 people.  Cases Wine Warehouse has won the prestigious Sunday Business Post Wine Warehouse of the Year award for the last 4 years in succession. The owner, Peter Boland, had many years of experience in the trade having worked for several multi-national drinks businesses.  Peter had carefully developed a 3 year plan for the business at launch which was instrumental in the business becoming established and surviving in a very difficult economic environment.

Why participate in the programme

Peter had engaged in a comprehensive planning process prior to establishing the business. This plan had run its course and Peter was considering his options for developing the business when he became aware of the ManagementWorks programme. The idea of participating in a programme which included a significant degree of mentoring appealed to Peter.

Experience of the programme to date

Peter enjoyed the programme and the interaction with the other participants. The range of experiences amongst the group allowed a different perspective which was an aid to reflection and learning. Peter commented that working with the mentor allowed him to “fine tune” his business in a way which he could not have done on his own. Although each business owner came to the programme with different challenges to address, the flexibility within the approach, and the effective use of mentoring, meant that this could be properly addressed.

Impact on their business

Peter has found the programme to be very useful for the development of the business. It has allowed him to consider a range of issues which he had not previously identified as gaps in his approach to the business. In working with his mentor, Peter has significantly improved his systematic management of cash flow. A number of metrics for business success have been agreed with staff. A monthly staff meeting now takes place where different team members have responsibility for capturing and reporting on metrics related to their roles.

Peter has found the programme has allowed him to introduce greater systems to the business which could allow him to expand the business beyond one location in due course. Peter has also hired one additional full time member of staff as a result of work undertaken on the programme.

Message for other business owners

Peter would recommend the programme to other owner managers. Taking the time to review your business in a structured way coupled with the discipline of working with a mentor on the specific issues within your own business is a powerful combination for improvement.

ManagementWorks Programme


Peter Boland