Clubs to Hire

Clubs to Hire is an on-line service which allows golfers to rent clubs for collection at the airport when they arrive at their holiday destination. This removes the hassle, risk and cost of carrying clubs to the airport and paying excess luggage charges.

Established in July 2010, the firm now employs 12 full time staff and an additional 14 staff on contract. Sales grew by 100% during 2012. Operating from a range of locations the business is predominantly leveraging the golf market in Spain and Portugal with up to 60% of the client base living in the UK.

Why participate in the programme

The owner, Tony Judge, was approached by the Programme Development Manager from ManagementWorks, Brian Colleran, who discussed the programme with him and the benefits it might offer.  Tony liked the structure and approach and felt it might widen his view of what he could achieve in his business.

Experience of the programme to date

Tony has enjoyed the programme to date.  He finds the level of interaction between the participants to be very positive and insightful.  The diversity of the group means that there is a wide range of business experience which can suggest new angles for him to try. Tony’s biggest challenge is to find sufficient time to implement the techniques or ideas he receives on the programme.  To that end, he finds the mentoring follow up to be very useful in terms of clarifying certain aspects or acting as a call to action.

Impact on their business

Two specific impacts from the programme relate to sales and recruitment.  Tony has been able to improve the sales approach in the shops through working on various scripts for the staff.  He was also better able to identify the skills sets and staff experience he needed to fill two part time administrative positions recently.

Tony has found the programme to be very professionally delivered, with a significant impact coming from the trainer’s ability to provide examples and anecdotes from a wide range of businesses to reinforce ideas. The combination of the trainer’s knowledge and experience coupled with the experience of the group, supported by the understanding and challenge of the mentor is helping to bring additional focus to the business.

Message for other business owners

Tony recommends the programme very highly and has promoted it to business colleagues. He feels that any business should be able to benefit from the additional focus and from the learning which is possible from a diverse range of other businesses.

ManagementWorks Programme


Tony Judge