Customer Charter

ManagementWorks is an initiative of Skillnets and is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

Skillnets was established in 1999 by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment to support private sector skills training and upskilling programmes. In May 2010 responsibility for the National Training Fund and Skillnets was transferred to the Department of Education and Skills. Since 1999, Skillnets has funded over 400 training networks and supported over 70,000 companies and 300,000 employees to meet their training needs. For further information on Skillnets and current Skillnet networks please see In fulfilling our role, we are committed to providing all our clients with a high standard of service in accordance with the principles of Quality Customer Service approved by Government.

This charter sets out the standards of service we aim to provide to our clients.

Contact by Telephone
If you contact us by telephone we will endeavour to:

  • answer your call as promptly as possible;
  • be courteous and helpful to you at all times;
  • enable you to speak to the person who will be of most help to you;
  • answer your query in full;
  • take your details and call you back as soon as possible, if we cannot answer your query  immediately;
  • respond to all voicemail messages promptly;

Written Correspondence
If you send us a letter, fax or email we will endeavour to:

  • ensure you receive a full reply within 7 working days;
  • advise you who will deal with your enquiry and their contact details;
  • write to you explaining why and tell you when you can expect a full reply;
  • write to you in simple and clear language and avoid using jargon or technical terms unless absolutely necessary.

Visitors to the Office
If you visit us in person we will endeavour to:

  • treat you with courtesy, respect your privacy and be fair in our dealings with you;
  • meet you at the agreed time if you have made an appointment with us
  • provide appropriate and accessible facilities for meetings if you have made an appointment;
  • keep our offices clean and tidy, ensuring that they meet health and safety standards.

Complaints/Appeals to Skillnets
If you complain to Skillnets about our behaviour or actions or decisions we will deal with your complaint in accordance with our complaints system, which is available to view here.

We will endeavour to:

  • acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days;
  • tell you how long complaints of this type usually take to examine;
  • tell you who will be dealing with your complaint;
  • keep you advised of progress on your case;
  • inform you as promptly as possible and as clearly as possible of the outcome of the examination.

Our policy and procedures for the handling of complaints against us is set out in our Skillnets FOI S.15 & S.16 Reference Manual


Equality / Diversity

  • We are committed to providing a service to all clients that upholds their rights to equal treatment established by equality legislation.
  • We will aim to ensure that our services and facilities are accessible to all our clients, including those with special needs.


Help Us to Help You
You can help us as we try to give you a high quality service by:

  • stating your complaint as clearly and as concisely as you can;
  • ensuring that you send us copies of key supporting documents when submitting your complaint;
  • quoting any relevant reference number in all communications with us;
  • treating our staff courteously, as you would wish to be treated yourself;
  • making comments or suggestions about the service you receive.


Consultation and Feedback
We are proud of our reputation of being open and flexible and always try to improve the way we go about our task. We welcome your observations on this charter and on how we can improve our service. If you would like to comment or make a suggestion please write to the Chief Executive or e-mail .


Complaints to the Ombudsman about us
If you feel that you have been unfairly treated or are not satisfied with our decision on your complaint, it is open to you to contact the Office of the Ombudsman. By law the Ombudsman can investigate complaints about any of our administrative actions or procedures as well as delays or inaction in your dealings with us. The Ombudsman provides an impartial, independent and free dispute resolution service.

More information about how to make a complaint to the Ombudsman may be found on the Ombudsman website

Where to Get More Information
This charter is available in electronic format on our website  where details regarding our other services, policies and contact information are also available.

Where to find us:
Our full contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

Our address is, 5th Floor, Q House, Furze Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18.
Tel: + 353 1 2079630