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Bring your financial skills up to scratch from the comfort of your own desk. Three months FREE access to online learning with FabEducation.


The FabEducation programme demystifies the topic of finance by taking you back to starting a simple trading business and then systematically building your financial skills to help you grow your business safely and profitably.

The best way to learn and remember what you have learned is by safe practice so that your knowledge and skills become instinctive.

FabEducation is built around user friendly financial simulators so that you can do just that and then use them again when building real business models and financial projections.

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This offer is limited to business owners and managers of commercial Small and Medium Enterprises (less than 250 employees) based in the Republic of Ireland. This includes self-employed, start-up businesses and farmers. It is not available to students, jobseekers, community or voluntary organisations, state sector bodies or large companies.

Please note that this programme is open to employed persons only. It is not open to job seekers or students.

This programme is not open to employees of companies with more than 250 employees.

Please note that this programme is only open to business owners or managers based in the Republic of Ireland.
Please indicate the sector in which your company operates.
Please indicate your job title or your position within the company.
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